May 25-26, 2018

Exhibition Place, Queen Elizabeth Building

Canada's Largest Disability Exhibition

2017 DATES

Fri May 26 

Sat May 27 


Koolway Sports

Booth #434

Koolway Sports is an innovative Canadian clothier and manufacturer is based in Whitby, Ontario offering a line of outerwear consisting of KoolKoats, blankets, blanket back, hoods, KoolKapes, KoolBoots and accessories tailored to the needs of users of wheelchairs!
You can pre-order them now for a limited time offer of $200 and pick up at show in the Koolway Sports booth!

Wolfe Mobility

Booth # 207


All Terrain Conversion
Fastest vehicle conversion in Canada! Travel right from your wheelchair or easily transfer to the vehicle's original seat. You can get in or out of your truck in under 20 seconds.


Booth #131

M3 by Permobil
Your world within reach. ActiveReach™ technology is the ultimate advantage in accessing your environment. We combine 12” of seat elevation and up to 20º of forward tilt on the new M3 power wheelchair. Permobil’s ActiveReach™ technology enables you to reach beyond obstructions, into high cabinets, and can even assist in transfers. Truly putting your world within reach.

Wolfe Mobility

Booth #207


Peapod Mat

Sleep with peace of mind with the Peapod Mat. Equipped with 3 layers to give you maximum comfort and protection. A layer that grips to any surfaces and stays flat in place where it put, an 100% absorbent layer so spills and accidents never leak through, and a soft material on top layer that is comfortable next to your skin. The Peapod Mat has unlimited uses and is rewashable up to 500 times.

Ability Online

Booth #227

Ability Online
Come celebrate Ability Online’s 25th Anniversary as a charity and join us at our booth for a tasty treat! If you are a long time friend/member of Ability Online tweet your memories @Ability_Online! And to further the celebration in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, we are issuing our own 150 Challenge! If you want to help us reach our goal, we will have donation boxes at our booth! See you May 26 and 27, 2017!!

ParaSport Ontario

Booth #417

Physical activity is essential for people with disabilities. ParaSport Ontario is serious about getting you in the game because parasports make fitness fun!
There’s a sport for everyBODY! And there are plenty of parasports to TRY! Join ParaSport Ontario for loads of helpful member benefits! And It’s FREE!

New Product Showcase!

The New Product Showcase will highlight products, exhibited at the show that are NEW or notable to the market. This showcase will help boost your products visibility at the show and will enhance the show experience for our attendees.

If interested, please send the name of the product that will be on display. There is a limit of one item per exhibitor in order to provide each exhibitor with a display opportunity.

Please note the following:

1.People In Motion Show will provide a table to display small products.

2. All products must be delivered to the Show Office by 6:00pm on Thursday May 25th , and all items must be picked up by 5:00pm on day of closing from the new product showcase area.

3. Merchandising of the Product Showcase will be at the sole discretion of show management. Should you have any issue with the way your product is displayed when onsite please visit the Show Office and speak with Danielle directly to discuss.

4. People In Motion will provide a sign indicating the company name and booth number. Please confirm the company name as you wish it to appear on the sign.

If you could please confirm HERE
by Tuesday May 23rd, 2017 at noon.



Wolfe Mobility

Booth #207

Wolfe Pack
You are safer when you are seen! The Wolfe Pack is a high visibility bag designed to fit your mobility device. Deep pockets and looped zippers make it easy to store and access your belongings.


Booth #131

SoftWheel by Permobil
Softwheel by Permobil empowers manual wheelchair users to navigate painlessly down stairs, off curbs and on almost any terrain. Track tests show it also helps users to go further using less energy. The suspension system is stylishly built into the wheel itself allowing the shock absorbers to switch between providing rigidity and cushioning. This allows SoftWheel to provide a smoother ride and help minimize the pain and fatigue experienced with daily wheelchair use. Come see it for yourself with demonstrations at our booth.

Impact Vacations

Booth #107

Impact Vacations proudly supports the special needs community.  We support every detail of your trip and can even provide you with attendant support on your trip. Come see us at our booth and learn how to make your dream a reality. You can even pick up some free travel trip sheets.  We support a variety of disABILITIES.

TD Bank

TD has been a proud supporter of the People in Motion Show. With over 84,000 employees, 2,400 retail locations and 22 million customers around the world, we are one of Canada’s largest employers and financial services providers. Because we believe that creating an inclusive culture for our employees and customers is the key to our success, we support and partner with numerous organizations involved with persons with disabilities. We also continue to find new and impactful ways to ensure accessibility for our customers and employees. For more information on accessibility for our customers, visit us at People in Motion and/or check out:

WeFlow Therapy

Booth # 313

An integrative therapeutic approach, based on fascia remodeling and fluids flow boosting, that helps children and adults with Cerebral Palsy and other motor impairments to improve the quality of life. We promote head and trunk control, better movements and posture, reducing spasticity, and regulating vital functions (bowel movements, respiratory performance, and sleep). We teach the parents or caregivers soft and gentle techniques to daily deliver the different programs at home, with frequent online follow-ups.

49 Bespoke Inc.

Booth #301

Keep the essentials! We have a complete line of Batec Products (Manual, Electric, Rapid, Hybrid) and now the URBAN all for para’s or quads! If you need a simple, versatile electric powered add-on for your wheelchair to help you get around the city, BATEC URBAN is the handbike for you. This Special Edition of the BATEC ELECTRIC handbike is a practical, elegant, reliable mobility solution for everyday use. It is available in white and graphite grey, however we have 30 white only in stock for immediate delivery and they have a special price for the People In Motion Show only … $4,995.00 installed complete with the required docking bar essentials!

Pride Mobility Products / Quantum Rehab

Booth # 333

ILevel® Power Chairs feature a revolutionary new power chair design for a better experience. ILevel improves daily functionality and quality of life by allowing operation of the power chair with the seat fully elevated while at walking speed (up to 3.5 mph). ILevel's patented Extra Stability Technology™ enhances safety for transfers, reach, and numerous other activities of daily living. Over 8,000 lives enabled…. And rising!