May 25-26, 2018

Exhibition Place, Queen Elizabeth Building

Canada's Largest Disability Exhibition

Some of you have wanted to get to know more about our organization and who the new owners of the People in Motion Show really are. We are a team of people who work all year to put together the top consumer and trade shows in Canada every year.

Jennifer White, our Show Coordinator, sat down with our Chairman, Mr. Walter Oster, in order to give you a better insight as to who is behind the People in Motion Show.

JW: Can you tell us more about Canadian National Show Management?

WO: Canadian National Show Management (CNSM) is a subsidiary of Canadian National Sportsmen’s Show (CNSS), which was founded by legendary conservationist, Dr. Francis Kortright. Francis had a vision of giving back to Canada and preserving our outdoor heritage and he took steps to ensure our children and children’s children can continue to enjoy what a great outdoor lifestyle we have in Canada. Out of this vision, CNSS was born and to date we have had over 68 years of experience producing the top consumer and trade shows in Canada. CNSM is the branch of our company that manages our portfolio of non-outdoor shows such as the BabyTime shows and the People in Motion Show.

JW: With our experience in producing shows for the outdoors, what can you tell us about producing one such as the People in Motion Show?

WO: Creating one of a kind shows with broad appeal to the public is what we do best. We have the relationships, experience and drive to produce top quality shows. Our company has produced hundreds of successful shows and has the corporate knowledge and experience to understand what works and what doesn’t. We also have some of the best staff in the show producing industry all of whom have the passion and dedication to make the People in Motion Show grow and be the top disability show in North America. I have the utmost confidence in our staff and their efforts have already paid off through the many great new features and partnerships created in only a year since we acquired the show.

Jennifer also sat down with our new Show Manager, Mr. Sajid Rahman, in order to get a better insight of where he envisions the show and also what we can expect to see this year.

JW: Since taking over officially as the Show Manager in July 2014, what can you tell us about some of the new features at the show?

SR: I am very excited about everything the People in Motion Show is going to offer this year! First off we changed our dates to May 29-30 as we wanted to align ourselves with a time of the year that is more in line with where most consumer shows have successful attendance. Furthermore, I am very excited about our two new partnerships, one being with the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation & Work (CCRW) who we are proud to be hosting their Spring Career Fair for Persons with Disabilities. The other is with the Council of Ontario Universities (COU). The People in Motion Show will be hosting the IDeA Student Competition which is held annually with university students across Ontario who look for innovative and cost effective solutions to accessibility issues in our society. These two new features will be a great addition to our show and we are so excited to be hosting both of them!

JW: Where do you see the People in Motion Show in the next few years?

SR: Much of my effort since we acquired the show has been to create strategic partnerships with organizations that are out there helping to improve the lives of people with all types of disabilities. The fact is that these organizations deal with disability issues day in and day out and are the experts in the field. It is for us to align ourselves with them as I believe wholeheartedly that the People in Motion Show is an important event and helps to bring disability issues more to the forefront. I envision the show continuing to partner with the right people and truly becoming a destination that people with every type of disability, caregivers and people in the industry see as a destination of choice in order to learn more about the latest products and services. I am very confident we are getting there and I am so excited to be a part of it!